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    The VIP Program

    Yes I mean Very Important Player.   


    To become a VIP you simply pay $30.  (25 for returning VIPs)


    What do you get?

    1)  You get 50% bonus points added to your running total from the day you
         sign up.   Example:   Win the game today  you would get 800+30.  Now
         As a VIP you get 830+415 for a total of 1245. 


    2)  You also get the cool coin/card protector in the picture below to show
          your status and protect your cards.  


    3) 10 minutes late, you can still get the $500 bonus chip that others need to be 10 minutes early to get!  
        You can also still come into the game at 200/400 blind but you will be short stacked at $1200.


    4)  The VIP bonus lasts for a single season. Next season the price will be       
         $30 unless you signed up last season and then renewal will be $25. 


    5) Sign up by July 15th to make all your points earned in July count extra. What does the program do?

    It enhances the league for equipment and much more. 

    It gives you a greater chance to win the prizes. It will also help us

    expand to even more  venues as they will see the opportunity of a highly engaged loyal player base!