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    Floptacular Poker is a league for Texas Hold' Em poker serving in town Atlanta.

    It is a great way to meet new friends and have a great time!

    Feel free to check out the locations we play at by clicking here. Check back often as we are rapidly expanding! 




    What's Happening



    Our newest location “Ten” is at 7:30pm tonight with game start at 8pm

    It is a great place ..why?  

                Non- Smoking

                Fantastic new look and atmosphere including tvs to show all your favorites

                Hot location

                Great menu with many choices from $9 burger w/ side up to the fancy stuff

                Great drinks and bartenders

                And yes the friendliest gay poker league in town

    Where is it? 

    Ten Atlanta  
990 Piedmont Avenue
Atlanta, Ga 30309

    (located on the corner of 10th St. and Piedmont – Across from Blake’s)


    To give a Grand Kickoff” game for the Floptacular Poker League 


    We will be awarding the top 4 finalists today. 

    1st Place will receive $50 cash

    2nd Place will receive $25 bar cash

    3rd Place will receive $15 bar cash

    4th Place will receive $10 bar cash  


    I want to thank you so much for all the support you shown during the transition. It is truly a great league to play in because of all of you, your friendships and support. 


    Yesterday at Blake’s it was Daryl who took the big win, with MJ and Bobby a close 2nd and 3rd and thanks goes to Daryl for all his help on the trivia!  


    Model T's Winner

    Yesterday at Model T’s we saw Lee, Hanson, and James battling it out to final 3.  Lee took third, while Hanson and James went round and round during the head’s up challenge.  Finally James was able to capture the win over Hanson.

    Today we will be slinging the cards at Blake’s on the Park, with everyone’s favorite “mixologist” Jimmy pouring out the cocktails and lining up the shots!!  Darryl will be providing trivia, which will be given out during the first break.  The topic will be “The Grammy’s”.  Speaking of the Grammy’s, come join us today and find out if you too can make the nomination list for “Best Bluffer”, or “Mr/Ms - but they where suited”, or “I’m priced in”, or “Best River Rat”.   <wink><wink>


    Model T's WINNER

    Model T’s is today at 3:00 pm with game start at 3:30 pm


    Yesterday at Model T’s we saw Kevin C., James W., and MJ battling it out to final 3.  MJ, who took third, was no match for James and Kevin with his short stack.  Initiating a quite extensive number of rounds at the head’s up challenge, between James and Kevin.  However with Kevin winning several pots during the game, of which included a Royal Flush and Quad’s, enabling him to capture the win over James.  .


    So today we are back at Model T’s, with Elvis pouring the drinks and probably singing one his favorite tunes!!   But don’t let his song choice or singing discourage you, as you know someone will “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”, with the intergalactic cheap drinks and the out of this world pizza from next door!!!    OHHHHHH, and who could forget those of you reaching for the stars to chase your two pair, straight, or flush all the way to the river!! <wink>. 


    Blake's Winner

    Model T’s is tonight at 8:30 pm with game start at 9pm


    Yesterday at Blake’s we not only had a great time celebrating Joey’s birthday- thanks to Janet and Daryl for fantastic chocolate treats- they were awesome, but we also saw Jim, Wes and James W make it to the final 3.  Jim managed to do a trap play and capture Wes’s chips.  However Jim’s luck ran out when he tried to semi-bluff his flush drawn and James W’s top pair held out for the big win.


    So tonight we are back at the T.  Don’t be afraid, as the music will be perfect, the pizza just right, the drinks cheap and amazing, and your chasing unmatched <wink>.

    Notice the website has many new updates including a page dedicated entirely to beginners! 



    See you soon


    Woof's winner

    Fifth Ivory is tonight at 7:30pm with game start at 8pm

    Well after a long battle at final 8, we saw MJ pull out a victory with David Powers in 2nd and Sabrina in 3rd.


    Tonight is the Ivory, with the fried chicken, no smoking, wine selection and yep texas hold em too! 

    See you soon!

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