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    Floptacular Poker is a league for Texas Hold' Em poker serving in town Atlanta.

    It is a great way to meet new friends and have a great time!

    Feel free to check out the locations we play at by clicking here. Check back often as we are rapidly expanding! 




    What's Happening



    Poker tonight, no game Sunday

    Tonight at Blake's, we have our last game of the month. And due to the Super Bowl, I'm cancelling our game for this Sunday. So enjoy your big game parties, and avoid the traffic snarls. We'll have our monthly cash tournament a week from Sunday.



    Monthly tournament day!

    Today we will have our December qualifiers' tournament at Blake's. Listed below are the 20 players automatically eligible for today's game. However, if you played at all in December, chances are good there will be an open spot for you today, so stop by anyway and see if there's a space for you! Cash prizes are on the line! 

    Game starts at 2:30. See you there!
    1 Scotty T -VIP 5465
    2 Dyess C 3910
    3 Chuck O - VIP 2975
    4 David S -VIP 2955
    5 Kip 2720
    6 Will A 2190
    7 Anderson R - VIP 1580
    8 Don H 1490
    9 Michael F 1330
    10 Melissa B 1330
    11 Tanner B 1290
    12 Donnie E 1230
    12 Danny Z 1230
    14 Chris W 1190
    15 Jarrett B 1130
    16 Shawn 1060
    17 Matthew M 950
    18 Rich W  850
    18 Charles B 850
    20 Diana E 830



    Poker tonight! New Year!

    Happy New Year to everyone and here's to another great year of poker. We anticipate great change this coming year and hope you are coming along for the ride. Tonight we start it all off with a game at Blake's, 7:30 start. It's a new season so everyone begins fresh! 

    A reminder that VIP memberships are now up for renewal. Just $25 for 3 months if you have been a VIP before, just $30 is you're new to the program. This helps cover some of equipment and prize money costs so if you appreciate the free poker we provide, we hope you'll consider becoming a member and support what we do. VIP benefits include extra points for every game, late entry and more. 
    Scores for December are posted on the website. We'll have our monthly tournament on Sunday



    Last chance poker!

    yes, we have poker today. Blake's at 2:30. It's your last chance for points for December and the year! Plenty of points still up for grabs so don't miss out! Send out 2018 in grand style with a great game at the poker table. We'll have our December high scorers' tournament next Sunday and you can still qualify! Start your new year celebrations at Blake's with the chips and the drinks!

    See you there!


    Poker tonight! Only 2 games left!

    Yes, we have poker tonight, and time is running out on the season and the year!! Just 2 games left, and anyone can still qualify for our monthly qualifiers' tournament. Listed below are the current scores. Top 20 people will qualify so it's still easy to make it! We'll be at Blake's at 7:30 tonight and it's a bounty points game so you can make up a lot of ground quick.

    VIP memberships will be up for renewal come the first of the year. Please consider renewing/becoming a member. Doing so will help us continue with our cash prizes and it only costs $25 for 3 months for returning members, $30 for new members.
    But before the new year happens there's poker tonight! 
    1 Scotty T -VIP 3925
    2 Dyess C 3850
    3 Chuck O - VIP 2285
    4 Will A 2060
    5 Kip 1990
    6 David S -VIP 1675
    7 Anderson R - VIP 1580
    8 Melissa B 1330
    9 Tanner B 1260
    10 Don H 1160
    11 Jarrett B 1130
    12 Shawn 1060
    13 Matthew M 830
    14 Rich W  790
    14 Charles B 790
    16 Jeff B  520
    17 Taylor L - VIP 435
    18 Chris W 360
    18 O'sha 360
    20 Jeff D 130
    21 John M -VIP 45
    21 John Y -VIP 45
    23 Jay J 30
    23 Kenny W 30
    23 Rodger 30
    23 Peter E 30
    23 Justin B 30
    23 AJ 30